I have a new keyboard but it’s a knock off… Because the Apple wireless keyboards are like $200 here

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  1. A new keyboard? Actually, my ‘g’ and now my ‘f’ get stuck all the time and don’t like to print when I type. So maybe I need one, too. Or maybe after almost 9 years I need to get a new laptop? By 2019 I need to upgrade to Windows 10, so a new laptop is definitely on the list. In the meantime, enjoy your new keyboard! (We’re off with g’son today to a nearby castle.)

    1. Yep!! my backspace key died, and i’m sure you can imagine how irritating losing that key is lol… i make a fair amount of spelling mistakes!
      It’s hard to believe that you made a laptop last that long! wtg!
      have fun at the castle lol… we don’t have castles in canada haha… the first building here was an outpost called ‘The Hudson’s Bay Co.’ and it was a dept store for a couple hundred years 🙂 I think the big dept stores are all starting to go out of business in the last decade… Sears, Eaton’s and The Bay… gone, but not forgotten… In this quickly changing world.

  2. as much as i love all my apple products, i do have to admit they’re very proud of them when it comes to placing the price tag on them

    1. i knoooow, i remember years back, i mean, in the early days of the internet, i walked into an apple store and asked the price, and when they told me i laughed uproariously and asked them ‘WTF are you THINKING???’ lol

  3. Apple has always been too expensive in my opinion. Maybe that’s why I stick with PC. I still have a desktop running on Windows XP…

    1. wow, windows XP?? you are old school dude lol

      1. I have been around for a while (started with something called MS-DOS…). I might still have XP but I do most of my work on Windows 10…

      2. do you know what it stands for? lol… MicroSoft Disk Operating System… I’ve been around for a while too, and was top of my Computer Science class lol you don’t skeer me 😛 hehe jk

  4. i like how nice and clean it looks, Elaine. mine is black in colour so i am sure it is quite filthy!

    1. i knoooow, today i can already see dust on it… hard to keep clean, that’s for sure!!

  5. I don’t understand how people can fall for the Apple extorsion.

    1. it’s a love/hate thing lol we hate windows and love Mac OSX

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