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  1. Choices. Choices. Choices. I once heard someone say that anyone who has choices is “rich.” I tend to agree with that, actually. I especially like the SPF 15. But my favorite is Carmex, which many do NOT like. Like I said, CHOICES. Each to his/her own. So, which flavor is YOUR favorite??? 🙂

    1. I actually like the standard red container one, i don’t think it has a flavour… but it doesn’t make my lips chap in between applications as much 🙂 but i do like being ‘rich’ sometimes lol

  2. i didn’t realize they had so many choices

    1. you must have good lips 🙂

  3. normally in Singapore i do not need to use this, Elaine but in my temporary stay here in the Netherlands, i do need it. hmm, the melon medley looks interesting.

    1. the melon actually smells the best, Ayush… good choice!!

  4. I have never had chapped lips so have never used the stuff.

    1. wow Michael, you dodged a bullet, coz once you start using it your lips get ‘addicted’ and stop producing their own moisture and it’s like an albatross around your neck for ever after lol

  5. A smoothy, in a stick! My mind is boggling 😉

    1. well, haha, not exactly 🙂

  6. Hope your lips are doing ok?

    1. they are still on my face, so that’s good 🙂

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