Bee Hives

Bee hives for busy little worker bees who can afford the square footage.

10 comments on “Bee Hives”

  1. …and who hopefully remember what cell they belong to. HA!

    1. when we first moved out here, we bought a condo in that area, but the builders ripped us off of our 10 grand down pmt… we didn’t forget THAT any time soon!

  2. I don’t want to be a bee!

    1. we’re all bees hehe

  3. i am not sure i would be able to look out and down from one of those balconies up there, Elaine… but i imagine there would be a nice breeze? i should not talk about the affordability though…

    1. it’s soooo expensive where we live, other than our RV place, we just rent… i would have like to own a pretty little house, but i guess it’s just not going to happen!

  4. That is a lovely shot. I like the added texture.

    1. Thanks, Michael… that texture makes it look like a mural, doesn’t it?

  5. it looks quite prosperous and i like your image

    i’d rather be on the second floor of an old building in a downtown somewhere. a building where there’s a business on the first floor that closes about 4:00 PM and they all go home. then, i could watch the street in peace in the evenings.

    i want it to be an industrial style loft with brick walls, concrete floors and open ceiling. i’m thinking Savannah, Georgia

    isn’t that taste specific ?????

    1. oh my gosh!!! it’s my specific dream toooooo…. i tried sooo hard to ‘manifest’ a million dollar loft downtown!! i love the brick!!! it was from a converted 100 year old factory… just beautiful… you have good taste, sister xoxoxox

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