Cloud Busting

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  1. Are you saying you’re a Cloud Buster,” Elaine???? 😀

    1. no no, just a reference from the Kate Bush song lol i couldn’t be arsed to even TRY cloud busting lol

  2. Rows and flows of angel hair
    And ice cream castles in the air
    And feather canyons everywhere
    I’ve looked at clouds that way
    – Joni

    1. i’ve looked at clouds from both sides now lalalad love that song it’s clouds illusions i recall, i really don’t know clouds, at all.

  3. Well, you photo is definitely cloud busting. I love the perspective with the horizon outside of the frame.

    1. oh my dog lol i cut off the perspective lol see? i do need lessons lol
      who makes a vanishing point shot and then cuts it off?? lol me, that’s who!

      1. But I really like it. It’s different and cool.

      2. you are always so sweet to me, Otto 🙂

  4. very cool result

    love the hue of the sky and the arching lights layered under the power lines

    1. thanks sister! doesn’t that arching light with the sign on it look like it is out of place? like it’s gone too far?

      1. did they fasten a sign to it ?

      2. guess so, but it looks like it’s over the middle of the lane, my perspective could be wonky tho

  5. Elaine, don’t feel badly about the lost perspective. It is a very common problem these days. 😉

    1. har har, Phil… i know what you mean… i’m about to watch a movie, and i know i will have to fight back to ‘reality’ after it is over lol

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