Happy roo

the neighbour’s dog is sooo friendly

11 comments on “Happy roo”

  1. Awwww. With that kind of charm, surely three is not a “crowd?”

  2. it has a feel of motion that i like

    the light and shadows are spectacular

    1. yeah, the dog was RUNNING toward me lol motion indeeeeed 🙂 such a little cutie

  3. how can one resist not playing for a bit with this lovable canine, Elaine.

    1. yes, she sure is a sweetie!! loves everyone!! just like my Smidge!!

  4. She is ready for anything, isn’t she! Or maybe she just want to be taken up?

    1. she is ready for love, only love 🙂 that’s all she knows <3

  5. Very cool processing.

    1. Thanks for saying that, Michael… i don’t process near as much as i used to!

  6. Curly tail. Sweet face and smile. Fuzzy ‘stache. What a pooch!

    1. i know right? she’s got it GOIN’ ON! lol good to see ya, Philster!

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