Another Selfies

no duck faces, tho my dog is sticking her tongue out at us all. 🙂

9 comments on “Another Selfies”

  1. Smidge is such a fan of you, after all is said and done! HA!

    1. doh! remind me not to take super close ups of myself anymore lol it’s like looking into one of those magnifying mirrors!!
      Smidge is still cute tho lol

  2. i don’t think their tongues fit in their tiny mouths because i’ve only seen one that didn’t have it’s tongue like that. poor babies.

    your lips are shaped perfectly

    1. yeah, i know what you mean, she has a pretty severe overbite, so her bottom jaw doesn’t have the room to hold in her tongue… i only feel sorry for her when she can’t pick up something flat out of her food dish, sometimes when i’m eating spaghetti i’ll feed it to her off the tip of my fork, and she can reach over it with her bottom jaw… my sweet little baby girl xoxox

      thanks, about my lips hehe

  3. Two smiles and a bit of insolence. Elliot Erwitt would be so proud of you!

    1. would he? lol i have too many tabs open to google him right now lol

    2. oh my dog!!! i LOVE Elliot Erwitt!! strange i never heard of him before… but WHY would he be proud of this terrible pic hahaha

  4. She knows that she is superior to us all.

    1. i think Mark Twain said something like ‘i study the character of dogs and the character of humans, and I am ashamed .’ <3

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