Roses Supposes

Sooooo much smoke in the air, struggling flowers, and struggling Me, i also caught a chest cold at the same time, and i can’t breath! please forgive me if my comments are found ‘wanting’

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  1. I am sorry to read about your troubles. Hopefully thinks will change to the better soon. And hopefully you can enjoy those beautiful roses. 🙂

    1. yes, i didn’t expect it would get soooo bad in this part of town, Otto… people with asthma are instructed to stay inside… but when you wake up and think you might possibly DIE… it’s bad, you know it’s bad then lol

      1. I am sorry to hear it’s this bad. 🙁

      2. it’s ok, have gas mask on lol

  2. I just heard today that there are 600 fires in BC right now, Elaine. And even Astrid’s brother on Vancouver Island can smell the smoke and feels it in his throat. I’m so sorry you’re also affected, whether by a cold or the smoke. 🙁

    1. i actually thought i was going to have to go to emergency… it’s a double whammy, a ‘bacterial’ cold, and now this, it’s so bad for me, coz i have asthma….. i’m actually wearing a gas mask right now, to filter the air i’m breathing… haha, i don’t look cool at the moment lol i posted a pic in fb 🙂

  3. that is not good at all, Elaine!

    1. the picture? or me not being able to breath? lol thanks for your sympathies, Ayush!

  4. We have been living in smoke so thick that our air quality was listed as the worst city on earth. Healthy air is between 5 and 15 micrograms per cubic metre. We were at 621. Healthy people were having breathing problems.

    1. wow, Michael, i was wondering how you were up there… if i hadn’t caught the worst chest infection, i probably would have been ok… but it’s sooo bad right now!!

  5. and of course because our baby king runs the news cycles, i had no idea. i’m so sorry to hear of this and all those effected. hope you get to a point where you can breathe until the air clears.

    pretty roses

    1. Hi Sherri, yeah? is he blocking canadian news? lol he’s taxing car manufacturing that goes to and fro across the border, so that people can’t afford to manufacture cars anymore… i don’t know much about politics, but even i know that’s baaad

  6. currently, he doesn’t have the ability to block news, but he tweets in an attempt to get reporters attention and they talk about what he’s talking about to tell people how ridiculous he is. of course all of that takes time and the rest of the news goes without reporting. as for the taxing, yes, the little king is intellectually challenged when it comes to knowing how his bad decisions affect the next level and the next level.

    1. yeah, it’s kind of a sad situation isn’t it? yesterday i was skyping with a friend and my husband interrupted and said ‘are you in the US? coz if you are, RUN!’ lol… the world has become a strange place, that’s for sure!

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