This thing needs to pay rent… It’s a roommate not a computer… freakin’ huge! i have to make my browser window smaller so i don’t strain my neck looking up!

9 comments on “IMac!”

  1. it does not want to be overlooked, Elaine. i like the lights around the window.

    1. yep haha hard to over look that puppy lol

  2. yep

    but don’t you just love it?

    i love mine

    1. yes, i love love love it !!!

  3. I would say, the worst must be silly, irritating sayings it comes up with. I would have thrown it out—or at least given it a warning. If not, I am all for collecting rent…

    1. lol Otto, computers that come up with movie quotes are right up my alley lol

      1. But they need to pay!

  4. That’s some industrial power you got there! (I saw your other post with the config).
    I spent 14 hours yesterday working on a nearly 40 year old machine with 64kb of RAM, it’s amazing how far they’ve come.

    And that 64kb, 1mhz machine doesn’t pay the rent either…

    1. hahaha, free loaders from the beginning!!

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