Horses Horses Horses

I thought we needed a break today, from my run of the mill fare…

8 comments on “Horses Horses Horses”

  1. what a terrific childhood delight

    love, love the vivid color palette

    i can almost hear the music

    1. thank you, sweetheart… it is a happy picture isn’t it? it wasn’t quite that vivid in real life, i just thought it SHOULD be 🙂

      1. yes, it should be

        like a child’s memory, don’t you think ?

      2. i agree, that’s what childhood memories SHOULD be like, a circus of heaven 🙂

  2. That is beautiful. I find those things so fascinating.

    1. me tooooo, i wonder who first thought one up? 🙂

  3. How delightful, Elaine. This is one of my absolute faves of yours ever!!! Seriously.

    1. Thank you sweetie!!! I thought i would break things up, and bring back memories of the ‘blog i used to be’ lolol

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