Sparky Waiting for Daddy

When hubby walks out the door, Sparky stares like this for ages… poor little guy <3

12 comments on “Sparky Waiting for Daddy”

  1. The loyalty of dogs is beyond compare, Elaine! This is a perfect example of it.

    1. yes, Sparky is lost without his dad…. kind of a sad picture, don’t you think?

  2. looks more like a punishment to stand in the corner after having done some mischief 🙂

    1. lol it does, doesn’t it? lol well, he is only punishing himself

  3. that is so pitiful

    why can’t sparky go too ?

    1. no dogs allowed at work lol i’ll bet you in England they let you take your dog to work 🙂

      1. it’s separation anxiety

        that is so pitiful

      2. i knoooow, he has terrible separation anxiety, we adopted him, and i think he always thinks he’s going to lose another daddy, whenever my husband leaves, he might be leaving for good… poor Sparky

  4. 🙁

  5. A sad image, in a way. But also optimistic. Maybe we can learn from animals and build a better world.

    1. yes, unstoppable love, sure, we need to learn that 🙂

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