Big Mac

My HUGE computer blocks the sun haha

8 comments on “Big Mac”

  1. love your title for this. so very clever.

    also, i like seeing your space, including the pic of you and your hubby framed.

    1. yes, the one on the wall, it does tend to show up in pictures a lot 🙂
      i like my workspace toooo, thanks, sister!

  2. Nice. I need to get a new monitor for my computer.

    1. That’s an iMac… the whole computer is IN the monitor… i love iMacs 🙂

  3. At least you don’t live in an age where you need a sundial to tell the time.

    1. no but i SHOULD be telling time by the sun, body wise, then i possibly wouldn’t have to stay up all night and sleep all day!

      1. Maybe you will have to move you Big Mac, then… 🙂

      2. this is the only place it FITS 🙂

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