Tickle Trunk

My husband bought me this trunk today… It’s small, it’s sitting on the end of the couch, but not too small… Isn’t that sweet?

7 comments on “Tickle Trunk”

  1. Awwwwww. Very sweet. And what will you put in it, I wonder?????

    1. i was thinking i would put my eye glasses in it lol i have sooooo many pairs, all over the house, it would probably fill the trunk lol

  2. I like the photo and the trunk. It looks like it is meant for special treasures. We need those. The ones that are cherished now, but, over time, take on a deeper and richer patina because they have been held close to your heart.

    1. special treasures… you are right, i need those 🙂

  3. So sweet. And a lovely shot.

    1. Thank you, Michael… I just filled it up with eyeglasses lol

  4. very cool and very sweet

    i love items like that

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