Vegan Chilli For Me

4 comments on “Vegan Chilli For Me”

  1. when did you become a vegan ?

    there are a lot of things i refuse to eat that are in the meat category, but i do eat meat

    1. oh i’ve been on and off vegan since i was a teenager! right now i’m vegetarian, not vegan, coz i don’t do well without protein and such… so i eat eggs, and dairy right now, tho i’m not happy about it really, but it’s the best i can do. i eat fish tho, coz it makes hubby crazy not knowing how to cook for me, as he is a meat and potatoes kind of guy

  2. I like the photos and colors. What ingredient is in the bag?

    1. that’s your basic soy ground beef substitute šŸ™‚

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