Little Smidge

10 comments on “Little Smidge”

  1. When you see her like that on the tile floor, Elaine, she really IS little. And so adorable!

    1. yes, she’s small… when i was ‘manifesting’ her… i told her to make sure she stayed small enuff to be carried around in my bra 🙂

  2. she is expecting to be lifted up and pampered, Elaine! i am sure that is what you did after taking this shot.

    1. hehe, she makes a game out of that, asking to come up, then she runs away when you reach for her lol

  3. A real cutie. I love those ears!

    1. they are so soft, her ears get petted and kissed a lot!

  4. A foot selfie. And a cute Smidge to go with it.

    1. hahaha, you nailed it, bro

  5. itsy bitsy angel baby

    1. awww, yes, she is an angel 🙂 and definitely itsy bitsy

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