10 comments on “Produce”

  1. Oh, goody-goody. Look at all that garlic!!! When the recipe calls for a clove, I usually use a head. 🙂

    1. i hear DAT sister lol i love garlic tooooo

  2. Can never be too much garlic. But banana and garlic together, interesting idea. Might have to test it out.

    1. no no no haha, hubby was just coming home from shopping and putting everything on the table together lol

  3. a lovely and delicious looking display

    i’m often tempted and frequently succumb to the temptation to photographed the produce while shopping

    1. hehe, i succumb to the same temptation! the smell of fresh veggies draws me in 🙂

  4. Too bad you don’t have room to grow your garlic. It is amazing when fresh from the garden.

    1. we will have a garden after hubby retires, out at the RV… i will tell him about the garlic, thanks!

  5. Tasty colors!

    1. i’m listening to ‘eat right for your type’ audio book… not good news for a vegan type O lol

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