45 degrees

9 comments on “45 degrees”

  1. At first I thought you were talking about the temperature, Elaine! 😀

    1. or maybe there is a band called 45 degrees lol

  2. that’s one of the coolest selfies i’ve ever seen

    love the color paletter

    1. isn’t it weird? it looks like there is someone else behind me lol

  3. It’s you taking a photo of you taking a photo! Amazing. And the vertigo effect is working very well.

    1. isn’t it spooky? lol the phone looks different in each of ‘us’ as well…

    2. it’s the wee little ‘objects are closer’ mirror in the corner of the mirror 🙂 in case i scared you lol

      1. So, your doppelganger was closer than it seemed to be. Hmm.

      2. yes lol frighteningly close lol

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