New Christmas Camera!

It’s not supposed to do that well in low light, but i like the mushy darkness it produces, this pic is straight out of the cam 🙂

it’s a panasonic lumix dmc-zs60, so nice, and affordable wee thing… hubby wouldn’t have bought me one of my 3 grand set ups haha

6 comments on “New Christmas Camera!”

  1. SOOC looks good, Elaine. Have fun with your new learning curve! I know this will give you many hours of joy. Merry Christmas, again.

    1. yes, Merry Christmas, the gift that keeps on giving! cameras 🙂

  2. Hey, Smidge! I like the photo! Have fun with the new camera, Elaine.

    1. Thanks, Phil!! Smidge says hi back xoxox

  3. i quite like it, Elaine. at least it does not show up some horrendous, grainy/noisy image.

    1. yes indeed! i had gotten another camera to begin with, and in low light it had BRIGHT BLUE noise all over the place.. it was awful

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