By the Side of the Road

‘Sittin’ by the side of the road in the middle of no where… His tires were balled and they went flat, so did our love and that was that lalala’ ~Andie MacDowell in ‘Michael’

Happy Valentine’s Day!

10 comments on “By the Side of the Road”

  1. Oh, I LOVE Andie MacDowell. But did I know she could sing??? NO. “Balled” tires. HA. And I do like the image!

    1. i always thought Andie MacDowell was the most beautiful woman in the world 🙂 so you haven’t seen ‘Michael’… you must see it!!!!

      1. Of course I’ve seen Michael! But you know I don’t remember movies even after seeing them less than 24 hours ago! 🙁

      2. haha, yes, it’s like we are opposites in that regard lol

  2. i like the peek into the world of small, Elaine

    1. me too! i always meant to get a close up lens, but never did

  3. Ah, what a nice post. I enjoyed the song (which I hadn’t heard) and I always love close-ups and macros. You get a gold star! Happy Valentine Day!

    1. you haven’t seen “Michael” either?? it’s such a good movie, cute and tons of fun! and thanks for the gold star hehe… good to see you, Phil xoxox

  4. beautifully framed and i love the processing

    1. thank you, Sherri!! very sweet of you! xox

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