The Matrix

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6 comments on “The Matrix”

  1. very cool color palette and gritty appeal

    1. i had a red and green pallette and put an orange gritty texture over it, i like it too! thanks sister! xox

  2. How did I miss THIS one, Elaine??? That was the day we went to see Chihuly’s exhibition but I thought I had come back. Ahhh, yes, I remember…too much drama was happening that night. I’m sorry. It was my EXIT day in many ways. (sigh) Little did you know!

    1. it’s ok… you’re going to make me cry tho… that was a terrible exit

  3. Just how far does that rabbit hole go? 😉 Love the gritty texture you’ve used here.

    1. too deep for me!! lol thanks, Will

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