15 Minutes

Don’t you hate being told what to do? lol

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  1. HA! And on top of that, what can you do in 15 minutes????? (BTW, we don’t change time until the end of March, so that means we’re only 8 hours apart now instead of 9!)

    1. so what does that mean? do we have our appt earlier or later on wednesday, i can’t think lol

      1. HA!. It’s complicated but if you sprang ahead, that means your 10 would now be 11? Or your 11 would be 12?

      2. hehe, thanks sister, i’m easily confused

  2. i love shots like this

    (i like the new look of your site too)

    1. thanks, Sherri… i wanted a design where i could put the colourful little puppy up in the corner… that’s a design i’m getting printed on a custom cell phone case 🙂 it’s a pretty picture by the artist Michel Keck, and it just happens to look like my Smidge lol

      1. i thought it was Smidge and your handywork

      2. i know right lol if i WAS an artist, it would be THAT kind of artist 🙂

      3. i did add to it a bit, and of course my name

  3. I hate it so much that I usually do the opposite, even if it’s bad for me…

    1. haha, i feel ya, you rebel you!

  4. Gee, Canada has a crazy slant. Not the way I remember it at all. (the new look is cool, btw.)

    1. gravity is different up here, that’s why my BMI is so high 🙂 thanks about the new look, Philster xox

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