Twinkle Lights

My camera is soooo cool for taking blurry shots, which i love.. i mean, what is it doing?? taking 3 images in one of the Christmas lights around the window??

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  1. It does feel Christmassy, Elaine. For some reason I keep seeing a piano….

    1. i keep those Christmas lights up all year round! i love white light… oooh, just reminded myself of the movie ‘White Nights’… do you remember that movie, mickhael barishnycov and gregory hynes? good movie! helen mirren was even in it..

      1. YES, I do remember that movie and would love to see it again!!!

      2. i just LOVE that first dance scene!! i was thinking, HE HAS ARTHRITIS, how is he DOING THAT??? lol

  2. reminds me of the lights around movie billboards and theatres in the previous decades, Elaine. cool shot!

    1. thanks, Ayush!! Sometimes blur can go too far for even me tho! lol

  3. You get a lot for you bucks. Three shots in one? That’s amazing. It’s like it’s sprinkled with dust from Tinker Bell.

    1. Otto, it’s one shot… i must have taken in an accidental sort of way, the lights at the bottom are my computer, and the Christmas light are on the window behind, across the room from the computer.. but there was tons of ceiling at the top of the picture, so i just copied a section of the computer and pasted it up at the top, reversed it… and the twinkle lights are a layer, texture, you know? it’s called fairy lights, that collection, i don’t use it often 🙂 thanks for the nice comment!! xoxoxox

  4. it looks like a really cool motion blur like one sees in a street scene

    the color palette is scrumptious

    1. awww, what an awesome comment!! i wasn’t sure about the picture at all, coz of the top… it’s nice that you like it! xox

  5. Home-made Wurlitzer!

    1. is that a machine gun? lol hey, Philster, great to see you!

      1. Phil Vaughn says:

        Wurlitzer jukeboxes used to be common items. They had all kinds of lights, etc. and, when you drop your nickle in the slot, you could select your favorite song while sipping a milk shake with your sweetie at the corner drug store. (How do I know? I told you–I’m old.) The ‘Net is loaded with photos of them.

      2. sounds very nice, except for possible sexual politics haha… we used to have an old drugstore with a place they sold pop and such… my dad would take me there after church on sunday, i would order a 7-up every time coz i liked the bubbles up my nose 🙂

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