6 thoughts on “Across The Street

    1. blurred is my jam, sistah!! last weekend i worked on making a photoshop action to start me off on this kind of processing, it took me a couple of days and takes like 2 minutes to run haha!

  1. somehow i got the feeling that i might see something like this when i wake up, early morning, eyes still half getting used, Elaine. know what i mean?

    1. I know exactly what you mean, Ayush!! Sometimes I stand by our carport in the morning to get some sun, without my glasses, and that’s exactly what I see before me 🙂

  2. Some things and some people look better when blurred. Personally, I go past that and just leave the lights out when I look into the mirror. The color tones on this photo remind me of slide film. I kind of like that loss of realism, y’know?

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