Remember that movie? where the machines started killing people? lol i think it started with a blowdryer 🙂

But these trucks, now they were scary, Ac’Dc made the soundtrack… ‘Who Made Who?’

13 thoughts on “We Made You!!

  1. just because i do not see these truck designs here, i find them very fascinating, and your shot is absolutely brilliant, Elaine. i love the motion, the lights, the contrast – just flawless.

  2. oh i remember the movie called the Duel, that did have a scary truck and a deranged driver though!

  3. Which movie are you talking about? These days it seems like every movie is starting out with machines with killing people. You reference to AC/DC: Are you are believer in technological determinism?

    1. oh heck to the NO, recall that i used to be a top of my class computer scientist, i know what technology is… it takes a human, can’t do it alone lol… however i do think that we are becoming so DEPENDENT on technology that we would basically be screwed without it!
      the movie i spoke of is an old movie, from the 70’s maybe, AC/DC did the soundtrack, i THINK it was called ‘Who Made Who’ but i could be wrong, i think it was a stephen king book actually. can’t have a stephen king story without murder and mayhem lol

      1. yes, there are, do you know that we get addicted to the smell of our spouse? even that can be bad if they leave…
        the addiction to technology worries me two fold… personal and societal… and neither of these addictions look benign to me lol

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