Demi Capuuu Please

Sorry for the late post… I’ve gotten out of my routine lately.
I get to go out for coffee with hubby this weekend! yay

8 comments on “Demi Capuuu Please”

  1. i like this shot, Elaine! i can almost smell the aroma!

    1. i looove the smell of coffee too!!

  2. YAY for going out for coffee this weekend with Hubby. Happy Easter weekend, Elaine!

    1. yes yes! it was nice, went to starbucks and had a huge frap with a ton of whipped creme on top 🙂 apparently they have built a HUGE starbucks out there, maybe next time…. happy easter to you too!

  3. i like to watch the machines work : – )

    1. me too!!

  4. Very atmospheric close view.

    1. thanks so much, have zoom will travel 🙂

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