Spring Has Sprung

7 comments on “Spring Has Sprung”

  1. Awww. It has, indeed. For us in the Netherlands, we’re going back to winter for a week or so…in the 30-40s F. And it’s May! (sigh)

    1. global warming i guess… the weather is sooo weird the past few years! do you like my new design? 🙂

      1. YES, I do like your new design…and that Smidge isn’t the first in the lineup of images does help. YAY.

  2. absolutely love these buds and the soft color palette is gorgeous

    i like the navigation of the new design too

    1. thanks sister!! and i have always loved this design, but thought that my blurry processing would go unseen with the picture being so small

  3. i like the soft, fuzzy feel here, Elaine. in Singapore, it is the same weather just about the whole year. i miss the changing seasons.

    1. i like spring and fall, but i’m sure i would not appreciate them as much without summer heat and winter cold! thanks, Ayush!

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