Chop Chop!

I really don’t understand the way my camera works, the way it chops up thing with the blur

6 comments on “Chop Chop!”

  1. You don’t have to understand it, Elaine, as long as you like it, right?

    1. it’s just so weird! it’s like it’s taking many pictures in one! but actually i do like it! 🙂

  2. i like how the gent at the left seems to have a bit of a smile, Elaine.

    1. yes, i didn’t notice that, thanks Ayush

  3. It’s Elaine’s Sci-Fi Theatre presenting “The Ripples of Our Lives.” I can’t answer your questions about your camera or how the sensor or stabilization works, but this effect that is really unusual and grabs the attention. Nicely done even if you didn’t know you done did it. 😉

    1. i never know how i done did it lol… how i made it thru the day is God’s own secret! lol

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