We Be Drivin’

11 comments on “We Be Drivin’”

  1. On the road again…lalala! HA!

    1. nooooo, not willie nelson lolol

  2. This reminds me of some gritty crime-fighter movie scene. Some of your shots are “cinematic” like that, ya know.

    1. so i hear!! 🙂

  3. I agree with Phil. Be careful. You don’t know what’s behind the wall. Maybe some evil teacher?

    1. lol evil photography teacher? lolol

      1. I was rather associating to a song from a famous album. But yes, why not an evil photography teacher…

  4. feels like a scene from a movie

    1. i guess it’s the same with them all lol

  5. that is some massive wall! but i like that automobile – it really takes me to a certain specific time, Elaine

    1. it’s summer time, loads of nice old cars on the road!

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