Spring is Budding

11 comments on “Spring is Budding”

  1. Artichoke! Did I ever tell you that I LOVE artichokes and we eat them once every week (or at least every other week). But where did you see this? I hardly ever seen artichokes actually growing. Great bokeh for this image.

    1. i don’t remember where i saw it, i’m going thru old photos lately… i have never eaten an artichoke lol

  2. Hello, Artichoke is excellent for health, cute photo

    1. thanks, Roland… its good to see you!!

  3. a superb macro

    1. thanks, sweetheart xox

  4. I have never seen a young one until now. Something new!

    1. lol feeling a little jaded over there, Phil? lol

  5. I love the taste of artichokes, too. But it’s just too much work eating them…

    1. much less work to take a picture of them 🙂

      1. Cannot be true! That is if you don’t go to a restaurant and make them prepare the artichokes. But what do I know, I have never tried to capture one.

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