The Night Was Sultry

Remember that line from the movie ‘Throw Mama From The Train’… when he was trying to think of the first line of his novel for MONTHS?

Billy Crystal: ‘do you say the night was moist? or do you say the night was humid?… now that’s writing.’
Mama: ‘the night was SULTRY…. i’m getting the hell out of here! too goddamn sultry in here!
Danny DeVito: ‘where you going?’
Billy Crystal: …’I’m going to kill the bitch.’

10 comments on “The Night Was Sultry”

  1. HA! You really DO know all the lines…of just about every movie you’ve ever seen! Seriously! I think someone could actually cut this sultriness. 🙂

    1. hahaha, no, believe it or not, some movies are totally forgettable 🙂 and ‘the night was sultry’ is pretty famous lolol thanks sister, you made me laugh xoxox

  2. Hello, I love this atmosphere … beautiful subject, nice day to you.

    1. Hi Roland! thank you so much, it was uber foggy out!

  3. i do recall that movie and that line in particular

    love this image

    1. thanks Sherri… it was kind of a classic wasn’t it? lol

  4. You just have to wonder what’s lying out there in that mist.

    1. by the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes!

  5. No, no. It’s not me. I’m still at home.

    1. hahaha!!

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