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Remember that line from the movie ‘Throw Mama From The Train’… when he was trying to think of the first line of his novel for MONTHS?

Billy Crystal: ‘do you say the night was moist? or do you say the night was humid?… now that’s writing.’
Mama: ‘the night was SULTRY…. i’m getting the hell out of here! too goddamn sultry in here!
Danny DeVito: ‘where you going?’
Billy Crystal: …’I’m going to kill the bitch.’

10 thoughts on “The Night Was Sultry

  1. HA! You really DO know all the lines…of just about every movie you’ve ever seen! Seriously! I think someone could actually cut this sultriness. 🙂

    1. hahaha, no, believe it or not, some movies are totally forgettable 🙂 and ‘the night was sultry’ is pretty famous lolol thanks sister, you made me laugh xoxox

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