Tea Tree Oil

I bought these tea tree oil soaps off of amazon for Christmas… I was shopping for hubby, but marked that ALL the things i had in my cart needed gift wrap… my husband thought I was telling him he needed an antibacterial bath 🙂
The soaps were for me… he said ‘do YOU need disinfecting??’ hehe. Christmas can be confusing.

8 comments on “Tea Tree Oil”

  1. HAHAHA. When you gift wrap for yourself, it really IS Christmas. 🙂

    1. lolol yeah, it was a great Christmas last year 🙂 you get me, sister xox

  2. Amber and pink. I like the mix.

    1. thanks! i made an action in photoshop that trashes my photos in a way i like 🙂

  3. : – ) that’s too funny

    love the image

    1. thank you, sistah sherri xoxox

  4. it reminds me of sandlewood soap bars, Elaine. just the smell alone is pleasing.

    1. yes, i love the smell of tea tree oil 🙂

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