White Cloud with Puppy

It’s cloud’s illusions I recall.. I really don’t know clouds, at all.

8 comments on “White Cloud with Puppy”

  1. All snug as a bug in a rug! How adorable is that!

    1. she is my precious baby 🙂

  2. Sleep on, Little One.

    1. she’s very empathic, if i’m doing or thinking something that she doesn’t care for, she wakes up and stares into my eyes until she’s sure i’m ok <3

  3. she looks cozy and thoroughly pampered on that rug, Elaine! i like her bit of tongue peeking out.

    1. i knoooow, i tried to teach her to keep her tongue straight when she was a bebe, but no go lol

  4. she looks like she’s convalescing : – )

    i think she needs a cold compress on her forehead : – )

    1. hehe, fiddle dee dee, she’ll think about it tomorrow 🙂

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