Canadian National Railway

My dad worked for the CNR until retirement age… when I was a little girl, i would GLARE at the competing company’s trains, Canadian PACIFIC Railway… I was too young to know what ‘flipping the bird’ was, otherwise i would have done that too 🙂
My dad would answer the phone, ‘Intermodal Sales, Kelly Speaking’ …he was a good salesman when he was young.

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  1. HA! Pride/loyalty starts at an early age, doesn’t it! 🙂

    1. yeah hahaha, it was like the other trains were the enemy, i don’t know why i thought that at such a young age lol

  2. You sniped a train! Your photo brings back memories. My dad worked for a railroad as a boy and never lost interest in those huge machines.

    1. yes, there is a train that runs thru town out by our RV and it runs past where our RV lot is, making a lot of train horn noise… our dads have something in common, how cool is that??

  3. you did a fantastic job capturing it

    love, love

    1. thanks! it was going the same speed as the car, so that’s why only the train is in focus lol

  4. i totally get what your are saying, Elaine. i like the simple logo

    1. you like the CNR logo? it’s so familiar to me, i’ve never thought about the design 🙂 thanks, Ayush!

  5. cool capture!

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