Struttin’ Into Town

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“Struttin’ into town like you’re slingin’ a gun, just a small town dude with a big city attitude” ~Cher

10 comments on “Struttin’ Into Town”

  1. wow, so beautifully composed and i love the hue of the sky

    a superb image

    1. awww thank you, i love that texture tooo… it only works on certain kinds of pics 🙂

  2. i somehow think that clock at the top right goes so well with your caption, Elaine.

    1. yep lol waitin’ for high noon 🙂 thanks, Ayush

  3. Picture=Super. Song=5/10. (Is that a donut on the awning of the building on the right? Donut=10!)

    1. really?? that’s my fave song by Cher lolol used to sing it in karaoke 🙂 and i think it’s a bagel lol

  4. Pure art. I like the grungy look and also the off colours.

    1. Pure art?? really?? you are waaay too kind to me, Otto! 🙂 thank you!

  5. Makes me want to watch The Quick and the Dead again! You could modernize it, right? 🙂

    1. ‘yer purday..’ ‘you’re not.’ …’i needz me a woman’… ‘you need a bath.’ …. gilles and i were trying to remember the name of it the other day, i could remember the quotes ‘he’s just a little slower than he was last year, and me? wouldn’t you know it… i just reached my peak’……… but do you think either of us could remember the name of the durned thing? lol

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