Flying Saucer

14 comments on “Flying Saucer”

  1. that is one cool bridge

    great sky

    1. thanks! we have a few of those suspension type bridges around. i think they are so pretty!

  2. i love that guys hair!

    1. it is enviable lolol

  3. I like the graphic look of the bridge against that superb blue of the sky.

    1. awww, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting so sweetly xox

  4. Now aliens are masquerading as civil engineers? How diabolical.

    1. haha, i know, the horror 🙂

  5. Very cool shot. I am back after being in your part of the world for four and a half months getting cancer treatment.

    1. Wow, Michaell!! and how are you now? I pray the treatment is successful? I was wondering where you went!

  6. terrific shot! i like the straight lines all converging almost to a point on the blue sky, Elaine.

    1. aww, thanks so much, Ayush!

  7. Look at all the comments you’ve been getting while I was gone!!!!!

    1. i neeeeed you lol

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