This swaggering, sarcastic host of digital rev, absolutely hated the first retro camera that came out, about 8 years ago, which was my Olympus OM-D and of course I fell in immediate love with it!

Now I have my beloved OM-D and 45mm back again... I'm so happy... :)

And this lens is his review of my lens… he liked it much better

here is his review of my camera … he didn’t even have the decency to compare it to the silver body.. and they have edited out the part where he was just mean about trying to copy ‘the old days’

6 thoughts on “Bokehlicious

  1. As long as you like it and enjoy using it, who cares? My camera is at least 8 years old. Its body is hot pink!!!! I love it. Yes, I get lots of comments about it being a toy and not a real camera. But it does everything – from manual settings to point and shoot. I love being able to shoot HDR. Friendship

  2. this is a great shot and if you have a good feel of the camera+lens, like the results, then you just ignore the remarks of others, Elaine.

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