Respectable Street

My life feels like one of those stressful comedy movies where the hero keeps just trying to be good and nice but everyone else misunderstands them and things get worse and worse and worse… Like ‘Meet the Parents’.. I don’t know why I watch those kinds of movies

it's NOT FUNNY in MY life!!

and finally the hero loses their temper, which of course spells the end for them… but in the movies there is always a happy ending where everyone finally understands our hero IS NICE… but my life is not a movie.

and THIS is why I NEVER want to meet the freaking neighbours 🙂

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  1. because those movies are like real life. if we lived near each other and had too many conversations, we would all the time be tackling the world’s problems and solving them : – )

    love, love the impressionism

    1. lol, the old lady upstairs is always wanting to converse with me, but it’s always questions about me, like why i never leave the house, what do i do all day… i invariably end up being rude and going ‘yep, yep, ok… bye, yes BYE’ while i shut my door slowly with her still talking lol ugh… nobody expects the spanish inquisition lol thanks sis xoxox

  2. I love the feeling of speed out of control in the image. THose movies may be fun to watch, but not to live. Friendship

    1. yes, i knoooow, i do find them stressful, coz i’m like that…. but they usually have a lot of slapstick silly humour, so i watch them anyway 🙂 thanks ruthie xox

  3. I am just happy life is not a movie. I prefer real life any day. In real life you can create something beautiful with a few blue colours and some blurry shapes. Isn’t that grand?

    1. you are a very cheery person, Otto, and I dig that about you! 🙂 thank you!

  4. cool white tones, Elaine! i like the blur as well.

    1. thanks, Ayush!! xox

  5. in real life we know that respectable streets are full of boring people and even worst 😥 but i can’t stand most of the other lives and their sweet feelings that make my eyes “vomit”. your blurry picture makes me think it’s possible to cross some fucking (sorry i can’t find another word) places in a hurry and get back to our little universe, in fact not so little because our universes are without limits.
    love the XTC playing that game!

    1. wow you said it!! i may not fit in with this world, but my universe is indeed limitless… and i am crossing the whole WORLD in a fucking hurry… it’s obvious to me that the world hates us Francis, because even tho we find a rose, it has one hundred thorns to go with it… thanks for your lovely comment!

  6. Curious effect on this photo, nice!

    1. thank you, Roland, i think it’s coz my camera doesn’t work as well as it used to lol

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