Le Puppeh

RiP John Prine 🙁 https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/07/arts/music/john-prine-dead-coronavirus.html

13 comments on “Le Puppeh”

  1. I love the joy and energy captured in this photo. Friendship

    1. thank you sweetie, the neighbour’s doggie is friendly 🙂 xox

  2. The Mop approacheth. Love that photo.
    I really hated to hear that John Prine left us.

    1. thanks, Phil…. and yeah, about Prine… xoxox

  3. your picture, Elaine, could be part of the video you posted. moving and more.

    1. i very much like that idea!! thank you! xox

  4. awh, what a happy puppeh : – )

    1. that puppeh gets super happy at getting to be outside lol

  5. i love the happy fellow approaching you, Elaine! i bet he leapt up on you and slobbered your face with kisses.

  6. A beautiful photo full of joy and energy, a marvellous video and a very sad news. So is the life, a mix of many different things. I love the John Prine music. Great post, thanks!

    1. thank you, robert… puppies always seem to be happy, don’t they? except when you leave them home alone… i heard of john prine by being a fan of iris dement.. the woman singing in the video with him. xox

  7. Happy puppy!!!!!

    1. very happy!! and he thanks you for appreciating him 🙂

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