Horsing Around

Sorry, just a little more horsing around 🙂 it’s been a week of horses over here!

have a song, i used to dance to it in nightclubs when i was young

10 comments on “Horsing Around”

  1. Oh my gosh .. I was in high school when this came out!

    1. so you are a couple of years younger than i am… boo lol

  2. Lovely image of this horse. I am unfamiliar with this song. Friendship

    1. i think the song was a tiny bit underground? not sure i heard it on the radio! thanks about the image xoxox

  3. it’s stunning

    1. awwww, thanks sweetie… tho i wish the horses would look at me xoxoxoxox

  4. Never too many horses around 🙂

    1. i concur.. they are beautiful aren’t they? i’ve always loved horses, but i’m scared of them lol

  5. A fine looking animal and the light is perfect. A great combination.

    1. yes, the way the hair shining and such, soooo pretty! thank you, Michael xoxoxox

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