Bath Time

Our pets, we love them so much……..

11 comments on “Bath Time”

  1. Sadly I have no pets. But I do love my grand pets, 3 grand dogs and 1 grand cat. They make my heart smile. I like how you used the light in your photo Friendship

    1. I’m sorry that you have no pets, I don’t do well without a little dog beside me, but I’m glad you have grand pets! thanks about the picture xoxoxox

  2. Seems to be very accepting of the bath.

    1. yeah lol they aren’t happy during a bath, but they trust us 🙂

  3. awh, it’s amazing how different they look when they’re wet : – )

    1. lol yeah, all skinny and vulnerable 🙂 Sparky looks sweet here, doesn’t he? xoxoxoxoxx

  4. Nice photo, when it’s hot … our friends need freshness, kisses to you if I can, lol

    1. kisses to me? or the dog? lol either way, you can 🙂 xoxoxoxoxox

  5. he has a resigned expression, Elaine 🙂 i like his wet ears and whiskers!

    1. yes, resigned is a good word, he may not like it, but he trusts his daddy 🙂 thanks, Ayush! xoxoxoxoxox

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