Funky Cold Medina

the secret to my husband's cooking success..

9 comments on “Funky Cold Medina”

  1. The image processing suits him well, I’m not a cookie

    1. lol yeah i know… i wanted to post the song, so i did, even tho it doesn’t really go with the pic lol

  2. at first i thought i was seeing a reflection. what a good result!

    1. i made a scratchy brush in photoshop, following some sort of tutorial on making scratchy textures, but ended up with a brush, unsure of how i got there lol… thanks, sis xoxoxoxoxoxxoxox

  3. The processing sure does work with the image. Nicely done, Elaine.

    1. thank you, Michael… very sweet of you to say xoxoxoxox

  4. Love the photo. The music is not among my preferences but it’s ok, to each his own LOL
    You are very good in your postprocessing, I should learn a little bit …

    1. it’s a goofy song lol i had just heard it in a movie, and it was running thru my head 🙂 i’m not that good at processing, i use actions and textures mostly! xoxoxoxoxoxox

  5. Not sure I am into that song. But I love the treatment on the photo. Well done. Friendship

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