Puppy Dog Eyes

He looks so innocent doesn’t he? lol well, he’s TRYING TO KILL ME lol always trying to trip me in these sneaky ways 🙂 He wants my husband to himself.

12 comments on “Puppy Dog Eyes”

  1. SUch an innocent looking face! Hi eyes are so sweet. Too bad he is deceiving us. Friendship

    1. hahaha!!! yeah, he’s a little you know what… he comes to me when i’m eating to mooch off of me, but if i put my hand forward to pet his head, he walks away lolol he only has eyes for my husband xoxoxoxoxox

  2. Not always who looks innocent is innocent LOL

    1. lol he’s innocent in his doggy treachery lol

  3. He is too cute to be devious.

    1. cutely devious lolol

  4. well i still am attracted to him, Elaine!

    1. lol, me too xoxoxoxox

  5. A wonderful photo dog!

    1. thank you, Roland! xoxoxoxoxox

  6. they do have a way of getting underfoot. he looks so soft and sweet.

    1. Smidge is clever enuff not to get underfoot… but she’s soooo tiny xoxoxoxox

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