an update on the perfume situation… recall that I ordered a cheap bottle of Oscar de la Renta eau de toilette? I just got it in the mail and it stinks! it would make a good man’s cologne! i sprayed it on my wrists and got an instant headache and soon i was coughing because it was like my throat inside was being stung by tiny mosquitos… ugh, and i couldn’t wash it off! terrible stuff! thought i was going to give up the ghost lol get it? the picture? lol I love my Coco Chanel perfume all the more now!

14 thoughts on “Spirit Photography

  1. Hello again. I am trying to get back after being in hospital and recuperating still. I am very allergic to stinky perfumes. I understand how you felt. The picture is very thought provoking. Friendship

    1. Welcome back, Ruthie… I do hope it’s not something too serious! I’m glad you are on the mend!
      and yes, stinky perfumes are the worst, i don’t know what they put in them! and men’s cologne, ugh, the stench, the headaches!
      Friendship back xoxox

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