I added the pink… The air is thick with smoke from California, etc

Those smoked out trees were just from their back yard! And you definitely can’t see the hills in that direction

I can’t imagine what it’s like down there! they are smoking out CANADA! those poor people 🙁

We usually have a bog fire near our place every summer, but they stole all the fire I guess.

12 thoughts on “Smoke Hiding the Sky

  1. It seems like the whole west coast is burning. Fire also in Oregon and Washington state. California seems to be worst off. It’s devastating reading about it. You photo convey the eerie feeling the fires created with all the smoke spreading across huge areas.

    1. indeed, the fires are spreading… washington state is right below us, i pray it doesn’t come up here as well… it is eerie isn’t it, the smoke looks like the world’s most pervasive fog! thanks, Otto xoxoxoxox

  2. Great image but so sad. I basically have to stay indoors at all times. Doctors insist that I avoid all smoke. After going through the 2017 fires and being evacuated, I feel a great deal of empathy. We have donated to the American Red Cross for the fires.

    1. yes, i recall you having to evacuate! i’m sure we were all worried about you… terrible fires down there, i can imagine your heart is breaking for them xoxoxox

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