This was the last time we ate out at a restaurant… I had gotten my birthday present, the new camera, and was busier taking pictures than I was eating… So this was sometime in October of last year…

Little did I know, at the time that it would be the last time…

We always remember big ‘first times’… but the last times usually go by unnoticed…


14 thoughts on “The Last Time

    1. Well, my husband and I don’t go out often, and plus I happened to be taking pictures, so I remember…
      I think maybe some restaurants are open again, but it’s ridiculous, how am I supposed to eat with a mask on?
      Thanks about the photo… xoxoxoxoxoxox

  1. You are right, last times are usually not remembered or feel sad. I do not remember when we last went out to eat. Certainly more than a year ago. I like the nostalgic feel of this image. Friendship

    1. thanks, it’s weird isn’t it? that we are built NOT to mark last times? to have no clue, no foreshadowing… but we don’t know the future, and that’s good for us! xoxoxoxoxox

  2. First a very nice shot.
    My wife and I have rarely gone to restaurants.
    Back when doctors were telling me that I a maximum of six months to live I did many things and thought “this is the last time I will do this.” I enjoyed the most mundane things. Now that they think I have years ahead, I still treasure those things.

    1. oh Michael, i’m so glad you have years!
      yes, i didn’t mean to say that when you perceive the end, that you can’t know… you are very wise to have hung on to the teachings and to treasure life…
      I’ll stop worrying about you then!

    1. my birthday is coming up and this will be the first year my husband won’t take me to a restaurant, boooooo
      oh i think i mentioned that in the post lol

  3. Treat every occasion and event as if it is the last time.
    Immerse yourself in the moment because we make our memories every day—and we get to live with each of them—good or bad.
    Cherish it all because life, love, and time will slip through your fingers like water.
    But then, we already know this, don’t we?
    Never mind.

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