Eyes Wide Shut

Smidge, fast asleep with her tongue out and eyes open… i don’t know how she doesn’t dehydrate important bits that are supposed to be lubricated.

8 comments on “Eyes Wide Shut”

  1. How cute SMidge is sleeping like that! Friendship

    1. I know right? lol my little sweet baby <3 <3 <3 thanks, sis xoxox

  2. totally out! she looks cute with her tongue lolling out, Elaine.

    1. lol yeah, she’s conked out… it’s weird, coz her mind is in a dream, but she sleeps with one eye open 🙂

  3. Cute puppy !!!!!!

    1. thanks, Ryan! I wubz her to the moon and back xoxox

  4. that is so true. she looks like she’s on her fancy death bed. sorry to say that because i know she just likes really getting into her sleep.

    1. yes, and she loves that particular funny blanket, because it holds the heat in those long threads… very very cozy 🙂 not dead tho xoxoxoxox

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