We Be Drivin’

I insisted that I must go out for a drive, or I shall go mad.

10 comments on “We Be Drivin’”

    1. Tones on Tail, lol xoxoxox

  1. My son has no car and won’t use public transportation in Vancouver these days so they only walk. And they need to be careful to walk where there are not many other people.

    1. coz of covid? this covid thing is blowing up the world 🙁

      1. When my wife and I see somebody coming towards us on the same sidewalk we cross the road…with the hope nobody else is on the other side…crazy, I know but…yes, we are crazy…be patient please…in a crazy world we have to be crazy to survive…LOL

      2. well, i’m all stocked up on crazy around here lol

  2. that is quite a steady stream of traffic, Elaine. i hope you did not get mad stuck in a crawl!

    1. naw, my husband however is borderline road rager lol xoxoxoxox

  3. the road need widened. that’s a lot of traffic for that road.

    1. there’s no parking allowed on the side of the road at least!

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