Oh Happy Day


This guy, in the video, has the most amazing voice…. I’ve heard him do Whitney Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing’ and hit those astounding notes… Now this video is from ‘Sister Act Two’ and yes, he hits ‘that note’… Enjoy!


12 comments on “Oh Happy Day”

  1. Your doggie is so adorable. Seeing him makes this a Happy Day indeed. Amazing voice on that clip. Friendship

    1. thanks, and my dog thanks you too 🙂 and she does make every day happier! xoxoxox

  2. does she like music? she appears to be listening.

    1. hehe, i think all chihuahuas like music! xoxoxox

  3. his voice is much better than his backup singers. they don’t do him justice.

    1. the backup singers are from the movie ‘Sister Act 2’ i guess it’s just not a good recording 🙂 but yes, his voice is sooo gooood! xoxoxoxox

  4. Get that dog some headphones 🙂

    1. lolol she is afraid of suddenly being able to hear music INSIDE her head lol she freaks xoxoxoxox

  5. i think she has an inquisitive face, Elaine!

    1. yes, sometimes she will stare into my eyes for like 5 min straight to ascertain my mood… she’s a smart doggie xoxoxoxox

  6. Puppies! We love small dogs. They are simply adorable.

    1. i knooow, they are little angels aren’t they? 🙂

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