Food Is Love

My husband couldn’t find any grass fed ground beef, so he is going to grind me some with the meat attachment on the kitchenaid …
He will mix it with pork to make it taste better to me… It’s weird how much different it tastes when you grind the meat yourself as opposed to the stuff you buy in the store!
It really makes me wonder what they put in our food… hmmmm?

6 comments on “Food Is Love”

  1. What a homey kitchen scene. It looks like love. Friendship

    1. awww thankie sweetie! our home is kind of homey, coz we are in it… tho i would still like to move haha

  2. Oh, man. I am so jealous. I love this shot. I cannot tell you how much because the the number is too high. I love the diminishing sizes of the things moving left to right. I love the reflections. I love the processing. I love e v e r y t h i n g

    1. wow, Michael!! you really know WHY you like a shot!! clever boots! i gotta run on instinct, gotta go be feal lalala that’s a line from the song in this post 🙂
      i’m so grateful for your lovely review of my picture, it made my heart gush xoxoxoxox

  3. there have been times when i thought a paper towel had been ground into the ground beef. that’s when i stopped buying that particular brand.

    love, love the pink hues in this shot

    1. really?? a paper towel?? wow.. there was probably more than a paper towel though, coz paper towel probably wouldn’t change the taste… it’s disgusting…
      did you know that they are injecting gel in shrimp and scallops? to increase the weight and get more money? i tasted it once and it was sooooo disgusting it turned me off of seafood!!
      thanks about the pink, i love pink too xoxoxox

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