I post this version of ‘Oh Holy Night’ every year, not just because it’s a great version, but because every time I watch the video, I wait and wait for the cute one to wrinkle up his nose lol It’s freaking adorable!

8 comments on “Nativity”

  1. very pretty and such a classic hymn

    1. thank you, sweetheart, and yes, i love that version of ‘Oh Holy Night’ xoxoxox

    1. thanks man, xoxoxoxoxox

  2. I have this very same small nativity. It is one half of the entire piece. My mother’s favorite carol was O Holy Night. Have you ever heard David Phelps sing it? Friendship

    1. yes! 1/2! you and your mother have good taste 🙂 xoxoxoxox

  3. Love the Nativity! And good song, yes thanks.

    1. thnx kind Sir… and yes i love tha video too!! xoxoxoxoxox

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