In the Corner

10 comments on “In the Corner”

  1. You have a nice corner!

    1. lol thanks, i like it tooooo oxoxoxox

  2. Your group of sticks looks so interesting.

    1. it’s a very tall glass vase with a bundle of very taller sticks in it lol… it’s a shame it has to be hidden behind there, but we don’t have room in here!
      thanks, Michael xoxoxoxox

  3. i am actually more intrigued in the collage frame on the wall, Elaine – is that your work?

    1. yes, yes 🙂 thank you for noticing! I used to do film photography before digital, and i would make collages in frames and in those big photo albums… people would even ask me to do THEIR pictures, i like collages 🙂 love that you like it toooooo xoxoxoxoxox

  4. i have something very similar to that. we both have great taste : – )

    1. lol we do have great taste! lol erm, i mean thanks so much sister for including me on your level of cool xoxoxoxox

  5. Is it a game of “hide and seek” ?

    1. haha, i have a plan for rearranging the living room! just waiting for my BACK to agree 🙂

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